India is famous for its rich culture and tradition. People here are highly devotee and a bit superstitious as well. They follow anyone who preaches them about god. Keeping this mind and looking for a vast follower appeal few babas came to limelight. Some of them were simple to the core while the rest of them were famous extravagant lifestyles, lavish living and controversies.

Here are some Indian Baba’s who made news and are famous for, well you read and find out.

1. Bindu Maharaj

Bindu maharaj saint
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Bindu Maharaj is obssesed with unusual ornaments and gems. He wears 21 big size rings in 10 fingers and different kinds of rudraksha ornaments around his neck. Bindu Maharaj has a large tattoo of snakes in his arms to keep himself away from the all the negative energy of earth and climate. He is also famous for wearing tiger nails. He was on the attraction during the Nashik Kumbh in 2015.



2. Underground Baba

underground baba
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Ramnaresh Desai Maharaj a.k.a “Underground Baba” was born in Gujarat and currently living in Bihar. He is been living in caves since 1997.

“I live under the ground in search of god, this is where I find inner peace and I can feel the almighty,” said Desai.

He prefers to stay underground wherever he goes. Isn’t he reminding us of the Stone Age People ?



3. Golden Baba

golden baba
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Real name Bittu Bhagat born in a Punjabi Kakkar family in Delhi. He is named as Golden Baba because he always remains planted in Gold jewellery and accessories. He is always seen wearing over 11.5 kg of gold worth crores around his neck and hands. He urges his followers to live a life of  simplicity.



4. Naga Saints

The Naga saints are the Naked holy monks who follow all the traditions and rituals of Hindu religion energetically. They only eat once in a day and always wears Rudraksha around their neck. They believe in living life free from ego, greed, lust and bad desire.

All’s fine but ‘Naked’ ?



5. Meher baba

Meher baba
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Born as Merwan Sheriar Irani on February 25, 1894, Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual saint who claimed that he is the human incarnation of God.  He never said a single word from 1925 until his death in 1969. He used to communicate with sign boards and hand gestures.

Even in silence he continued to communicate on many levels. When he wished to use words he spelled out what he wanted to convey by means of a wooden board with the letters of the alphabet printed on it.



6. Pilot Baba

pilot baba
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Pilot Baba’s real name is Kapil Singh he is an 77-year-old Indian spiritual saint from Sasaram, Bihar who worked as a fighter pilot with the Indian Air Force. After that he became a saint and named as “Pilot Baba”. He even tried his hands in writing and thus wrote many books such as Pearls of Wisdom, Pilgrimage from You to Yourself etc.



7. Standing Baba

Khadeshwar maharaj
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Khadeshwar Maharaj known as “Standing Baba” meditates and practices austerity in a different manner. He performs his daily works like sleeping, eating etc by standing, and has not sat down since 1988. He believes that austerity of saints maintains the peace and well-being of the world.



8. Aghori Saints

The life of Aghori Saints is not easy, to become one of them one has to meditate for 12 years and complete all the rituals of Hinduism under the guidance of an Aghori guru. Aghoris use wood from pyre, clothes from dead body and ash of burnt bodies for various rituals.

The Aghori culture is quite scary and frightening for an ordinary person. Yes, Indeed!



9. Computer Baba

Computer baba
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Namdeo Das Tyagi a.k.a Computer Baba, is a 51-years-old bearded saint from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The reason why he is known as computer Baba is because he is always seen carrying a laptop with him. He came to limelight after he protested against Aamir Khan’s movie ‘PK’ in Bhopal.

“Chopper mein shahi snan ke liye prasthaan karne ki permission mangi thi humne, parantu, prashasan ne permission toh chhodo, uttar hi nahi diya ab tak” said Tyagi.

Quite a tech geek he is.



10. Dhuni Baba

dhuni baba
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Tatamari Maharaj also known as Dhuni Baba has been sitting in front of a thick smoke coming out of a havan for the last 20 years. He never speaks anything and his devotees speaks on behalf of him. He believes in feeding the poor.


Any interest in spirituality ? Come with a different idea though.

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