1. The Great Train Heist

the great train robbery
Source: express.co.uk

The incident happened back in the 1960`s at Bridego railway Bridge in England. A gang/group of 15 people headed by Bruce Reynolds robbed a post office train. The total amount robbed was estimated to be around 2.3 million pounds. After using fake signal lights to stop the train, they knocked off the driver to gain access to the train. Fortunately, the criminals were later arrested by the police using their fingerprints.



2. Northern Bank

Source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk

An amount of over $50 million was stolen from the bank situated in Belfast, North Ireland in the year 2004. One night before the robbery, two men dressed up as officials had visited the two bank official`s residence. They held full family at gun points and instructed the officials to do as they command. The officials were then sent to work the next day, where they stayed till after the bank closed and gave access to other members of the gang. The investigation is still in process with only one person convicted of money laundering.



3. Theft by Hostage

Source: youtube.com

A veteran bank manager Foster was forced to rob his own bank in the year2009. The 50-year-old guy was first kidnapped and injected with poison while he was on his way to work. He was then instructed to rob his own bank in order to get the antidote from the gang. The group too threatened him to cause a bomb blast in the bank if he failed to obey their orders. The man robbed around 40,000 AUD for the criminals who have not yet been tracked down.

Sad isn’t it?



4. Gardener Museum Art heist

Source: wikipedia.org

The art stole your heart, but some robbed the very pieces of art. The Gardener museum heist happened in the year 1990 when two men dressed up as policemen convinced the security guards to their way up into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. By the time the guards learned their real identity the men tied them down and took back with them 12 precious pieces of historical artworks worth $500 million.



5. The Antwerp Diamond Center

Source: coolinterestingstuff.com

Housing round 160 vaults for diamond brokers to save their stones, Antwerp is among the largest diamond sales in Belgium. On the night of February 2003, 123 out of 160 vaults were emptied and the culprits ran with stones worth $100 million.  The culprits had planned the act since two years and had rented a commercial space in the same building as the bank in order to monitor the activities and alarm systems. They opened the vaults with copies of the original keys.



6. Kent Securitas Depot Robbery

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The incident took place on 22nd February 2006 in England, An amount of almost 110 million was stolen from the Securitas Cash Management Ltd. Depot in Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent. The manager was kidnapped one day before the robbery when he was on his way to home by unarmed cops.  Even his wife and son were held as hostages by those robbers and were then taken to Nixon warning him at the gunpoint to cooperate otherwise his family would be killed. All 3 were headed to the depot where those robbers even tied up other 14 members. After the robbery, some of the robbers have been apprehended and imprisoned while around 40 million of the stolen cash has been recovered.



7. Harry Winston Robbery

Source: tcmag.com

Probably one of the most brazen robberies in the history occurred in 2008 when a group of 7, 4 men and 3 dressed as a women broke into a jewelry store just before the closing time and flew off with diamonds worth 108$ million. According to the investigation, they took the employees and customers to a corner, broke the display cases and filled the suitcases with diamonds and ran away without any firings. The stock of Harry Winston store fell down to 9% the next day after the robbery and no culprit has been arrested since then due to lack of evidence. But a criminal group of jewelry robbery has been under the suspicion of the police named Pink Panthers.



8.  D.B Cooper Robbery

brilliant robberies in the world
Source: bellenews.com

This is one of the biggest unsolved air piracy act in the American history which occurred on 24th November 1971. When a man known as D.B. Cooper alone hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft, extorted 20,000$ and then jumped out of the aircraft with a parachute somewhere in between Portland and Seattle. Even after years of searches and FBI investigation, the robber has never been able to get located neither identified and nor the money was recovered, Although it is said that he parachuted to an uncertain fate and did not survive his jump. But his case remains one of the important cases in the Bureau.



9. The Knightsbridge Security Deposit Robbery

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The robbery took place on 12th July 1987 in Knightsbridge, England. A criminal Valerio Viccei along with some more members went to Knightsbridge Deposit Safe Centre and asked for a Safe Deposit Locker. After being accompanied to the vault, they immediately took out their guns and subdued the manager and security guards.

Valerio then hung a signboard outside saying that the Safe Deposit Vault is temporarily closed while letting his other gang members inside. They then broke the safe deposits and stole estimated 60 million pounds (174$ million in today’s money). It was not until 1 hour when one of the guards escaped and alerted the police after the robbers left.

Because of the fingerprints on the crime spot it pointed towards Viccei, his accomplices were quickly arrested but he fled away. He was then finally caught when he came back to retrieve his prized Ferrari sports car in England and sentenced to 22years of imprisonment.



10. Brinks Mat Warehouse Robbery

world's brilliant robberries
Source: mirror.co.uk

On 26th November 1923, around 6 robbers broke into the Brinks Mat Warehouse at Heathrow Airport, England and thought of stealing 3 million in cash but instead they got to steal 10 tons of gold bullion of worth 26 million. It was later found that the gang was able to get into the warehouse with the help of security guard Anthony Black who provided them with the keys to the main room.

But the main mastermind behind the heist was Brian Robinson who was later arrested along with the gang leader McAvoy and sentenced to 25yrs of imprisonment. Black was also prisoned for 6 yrs. However, 3 tons of gold has never been recovered since then.

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