1. The Archduke of Austria’s assassination and starting of the First World War

the assassinaton of the archduke of austria crazy incidents that changed the history
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On June 28, 1914, Archduke of Austria was traveling to Bosnia, he was along with three other cars in his convoy which were going according to a route plan, suddenly the plan was changed in the middle and the first two cars followed it. The last car which had the Archduke didn’t know the revised plan and took the original plan. When they noticed the error and tried to reverse the car they reversed it near an assassin who was waiting to shoot the Archduke. Now, he had enough time dealing a slowly turning vehicle he shot the Archduke and thereby started the First World War.



2. A boy’s wrong decision handed Kashmir to India

teenage boy's heroics handed over kashmir to india crazy incidents that changed the history
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After the Ind-Pak partition, On 22 Oct, 1947 Pakistan army was heading towards the capital of Kashmir to capture it. The kingdom was independent at that time and the Maharajah didn’t agree to join either India or Pakistan. Pakistan wanted to take it by force and they sent armed forces disguised as local raiders. One teenager on a motorcycle named Mohd Maqbool Sherwani chanced upon this group who were asking him for the directions to his state capital.

He purposefully gave wrong directions to fool them. and for a couple of days they headed in the wrong direction, the army lost due to this teenager’s directions, by this time India detected the invasion, got the Maharajah to sign a paper to join India and airlifted the troops to the ragtag airport in the state capital of Srinagar.

By the time the Pakistanis got to the capital, a small group of Indian troops were waiting for them, the Indians were outnumbered 10:1 but they held on to the airport for enough time till India dropped more troops and eventually took over most of the state. A territory bigger than Switzerland+Austria combined with all the beauty of Alps got to India thanks to one heroic misdirection by the boy.



3. Afternoon rain brought the British rule in India

nawab of bengal against the east india company crazy incidents that changed the history
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On June 23, 1757, the Nawab of Bengal was battling the East India Company. Unfortunately, it started raining and that too, in an afternoon, the Britisher’s hide their guns and weapons under heavy waterproof coverings but the Indians didn’t.

Their guns became wet and misfired which disturbed the Elephants and they started running here and there crushing the Indian soldiers, eventually, the English won that day and took Bengal under their control, later on, they even took the whole of India and ruled it for more than a century.


4. A stray arrow which brought the Mughal Empire

second war of panipat aakbar and vikramaditya crazy incidents that changed the history
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During the second battle of Panipat (1556) Hemu Chandra Vikramaditya was taking the better of Mughal Emperor Akbar, suddenly a stray arrow hit his eye and he was wounded, despite the wound and bleeding Vikramaditya fought valiantly but this gave the Mughals an upper hand and Akbar held Vikramaditya captive. Mughal’s won. If the arrow wouldn’t have hit Vikramaditya, there would have been a different history for us to read.



5. Discovery of Antibiotic

discovery of antibiotics crazy incidents that changed the history
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After returning from a holiday on 3 September, 1928 Fleming began to sort through petri dishes containing colonies of Staphylococcus, bacteria that cause boils, sore throats and abscesses, accidently one dish remained uncovered, he then noticed that it was dotted with blob of mold. The zone around the mold later identified as a rare strain of Penicillium notatum—was clear, as if the mold had secreted something that inhibited bacterial growth.

The first antibiotic was discovered which changed the world forever.



6. Typhoon comes to aid Japanese against the Mongols

mogols fail invade to japan crazy incidents that changed the history
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The Mongols tried invading Japan twice and failed both the times due to what’s known as typhoons or divine Japanese winds. In their first invasion, they were demoralized after losing a major battle. Upon receiving word that a typhoon was approaching, the majority of them decided to put out to sea in hopes of avoiding being marooned on the foreign land.

Every one of them pretty much for caught and destroyed, thus making it a failure. The second invasion was a bit different at a different scenario but once again the typhoon came to Japan’s rescue and hampered the enormous Mongolian fleet along the coast so much so that they were repelled by the prepared Japanese.



7. Rejection of Hitler from Fine Arts Course

adolf hitler rejected from academy of fine arts crazy incidents that changed the history
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I think this is the biggest and the most world-changing events in history, had it been done then there wouldn’t be the world war, the world would have been a different place. Adolf Hitler was rejected from The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna twice in 1907 and 1908, because of him unfit in painting.

This entire event changed the whole history.

Imagine, Hitler the painter.

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