doctor claim he can talk to animals
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After years of research, one Scottish scientist Dr. Ian Duncan claims he can do just by using a ” strictly scientific method. ” with this with he can communicate with pets.

He started his work with the purpose to ask animals questions to check that they were happy with their living conditions or not and that they were being well cared for.

Dr. Duncan, retired in animal welfare at the University of Guelph, Canada, claims that his methods of communicating with creatures great and small are based on science, although he has acknowledged similarities to the character of Dr. Dolittle.

” We are devising ways of talking to animals and putting questions to them about their welfare and happiness. ”

– He said

” Each species need to be treated differently but the common factor is to devise tests where the animals are offered a choice. If they make the same choice repeatedly, it shows what they want from us. ”

Dr. Duncan also interested in fundamental questions concerning the nature of sentience – the ability of animals to feel sensations – and its relationship to welfare.

He also spoken out against the religious slaughter of animals, used to produce kosher and halal meat as he believes livestock animals, from farmed fish to sheep, are smarter than people give them credit for.


” We can use that knowledge to ask questions about their care and then improve it “

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