In one of a very bizarre case, a team of doctor’s from Chennai removed a live cockroach from the skull of a 42-year-old woman. This weird incident happened when Selvi, a domestic worker from Chennai was in her sleep when she felt something crawling into her nostrils, she tried to shoo it away but it was already gone. She went to a nearby clinic where the doctor’s referred her to a hospital. She went through a nasal endoscopy and the doctors were shocked to find a cockroach sitting on the skull, between the woman’s eyes.


cockroach found in woman's skull
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“ This is the first such case I have seen in my three decades of practice ”


– Dr. M N Shankar

Head, ENT department at Stanley Medical College

man holding a cockroach
Man holding a Cockroach on his hand – Source :

Selvi said that the night before she went to the hospital, it was very painful for her, she cannot explain the feeling she has gone through. But she was sure that it was an insect because as it was crawling, it was giving her a sensation, she would also feel a burning sensation in her eyes when the roach was crawling.


cockroach found in woman's skull
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The doctors are glad that Selvi came at the right time because if the cockroach would have died it would have infected the brain and then the case would be more difficult, as the infection would have spread in the whole skull and eventually leading to more complex treatments.


cockroach skull surgery
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