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As we all know that India is a country with different religions, casts and languages. We see different colors after every kilometer and nevertheless we have so many shades here. But we also cannot deny the fact that after so many achievements, there are still things or we should rather say beliefs which is been blindly followed in our country since many years without any logical reason. Now, you will surely curse me as you might be one of them but the truth is truth my friend.

Here is a list of some funny & weird superstitions that we are following blindly


1. Black Cat crossing your path


Now this is the most popular superstition yet baseless because you just can’t help if a cat crosses you. Poor black cats, they are blamed just for being black (no racist joke here). The reason why black cats are so hated is because in ancient times, black cats were considered allies of witches. In India, almost each and everyone stops whenever a black cat crosses their path, I really wonder what you gonna do if a black cat crosses your path when you have to pee badly.



2. Cutting nails & hair at night or on saturday brings bad luck !

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Why can’t someone cuts their nails at night, Ghost attack? Hindus believe that it’s inauspicious to cut hair and nails on Saturday or at night because it angers planet Saturn (shani), which then brings bad luck for them. However, ask people who cut their hair and nails on Saturdays, and see how unhappy they are ( sarcasm ). We bet they’ll tell you their hair looked better and their nails neater. So just cut them whenever you feel like it doesn’t look good.

P.S –  Choose a nice hairstyle



3. Lighting 3 Cigarettes With One Matchstick

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Apparently, after the World War 1 ” Three on a match rule ” was a tale told to young ones. When it was night and you lit a pipe or cigarette if you lit three people off the same match a sniper would have time to zero in and he would kill the third man. This story was twisted around as the time passed by and considered to be bad luck. So as long as you are not in war zone you are safe to light three cigarettes.

Wait a minute, you’re not technically safe until you quit smoking.



4. Menstruating Women Are Considered Impure

women on menstructing
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In India, menstruating women are considered impure and unclean.  Women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter the kitchen or to perform regular household duties like cooking food etc. Also a women on her period are also not supposed enter temples, mosques and all religious spots outside or in the house itself. Some say that the reason behind it is scientific, at this stage women loses a lot of blood and thus becomes weak and must refrain from strenuous activities. Others claim that there is nothing scientific and it is just another superstition created to subordinate the position of women in society.



5. Fallen Hair Around The House Will Bring Fight In Family

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The myth is that if you throw fallen hair inside the house instead of binning it, soon you will see a fight within your family for no apparent reason. Completely bullshit, the real reason behind this superstition is if you leave the fallen hair inside the house it may end up falling inside the food, inside your bed and even on your clothes. So please throw your fallen hair into the dustbin not because of this stupid reason but because of your own hygiene.



6. Consuming Dahi (Curd ) and cheeni (Sugar ) brings good luck

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Hindus believe that its auspic ious to consume “Dahi and cheeni” before leaving house, especially for an important thins but there is one scientific logix exist behing it. Curd is a coolant, it keeps the person calm, sugar is basically glucose. It provides instant energy. Both the things help in maintaining one’s efficiency and giving the optimimum performance. So go and eat it now !



7. Sweeping house after sunset brings bad luck in terms of money

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This is another popular myth in India. If you sweep your house after sunset Lakshmi will walk out of the house and hence inviting poverty. But, the real reason behind this is back in the days when there was no electricity, light of lamp was not enough to spot any small gold ornaments while sweeping floor and hence chances of sweeping them away with the dust was high. Hence it was not advised to sweep after dark. Besides this reason, there is no other reason exist in the whole universe for not sweeping house in nights.



8. Keeping knife and onion under your pillow prevent bad dreams

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Also an onion and a knife is kept under a newborn child’s bed tvopuo drive away bad dreams. It is also believed that placing an onion under your pillow while you sleep will bring you great insight when dreaming about who your future partner in life will be. All single people try doing this to prove how wrong this belief is.

P.S – No offence for single ones



9. Don’t shake legs

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Many people believe that shaking legs will sweep your money and prevent bad luck. Some  also believe that if you shake your legs, then  it will harm the health of your parents. Really ? The fact is, its our subconsciousness & nervousness that made us to do so.



10. Double Headbutt, or else bad luck

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Now this is something really weird yet funny. People say that if your head strikes to someone’s head once then you should do it twice in order to prevent bad luck. Funny isn’it? I mean why would you bear that pain again. There is no such logic behind this superstition and its completely rubbish.

Now please don’t try to strike your head



11. Crow shit are lucky

Crow shit
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If you’re going out for something important and a crow shits on you then it is considered to be lucky. But what about your clothes? Well there is no logic behind this but yet people believe in it blindly for no reason.



12. The unlucky 13 number

number 13
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The number 13 is considered an unlucky number in some countries including India. May be its true for some people but there are many other for whom number 13 is the most luckiest number in the whole world ( no i’m not talking about myself ). Like they say, every coin has two sides.

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